Friday Wrap-Up

Fridays are a good time to review the week – news of the community, stories of mission, and other comings and goings.  Our news and mission-related story this week comes from Sig, who works in Fund Development here, was asked to write a short story on “Angels and Miracles” as she experienced them at L’Arche. Here’s what was submitted to a local paper:

Miracles are usually understood as acts of wonder or, when someone receives help an unexpected source. Miracles are surprising and, if we pay attention, they can teach us something. 

At L’Arche I have the privilege of seeing miracles day.  When I pause outside my office I see tenderness and friendship between people who, at first glance, may appear to have more differences than similarities. I hear laughter and good-natured teasing and remind myself, this doesn’t happen everywhere.  Unfortunately many of us grew up with stereotypes of what people with developmental disabilities are capable of – which was close to nothing. 

L’Arche dispels that myth and equips angels to do miracles. Every weekday, our Neighbours Helping Neighbours crew, who are physically fit adults with developmental disabilities, along with their supervisor go do yard work for the elderly or deliver Meals on Wheels. They don’t expect payment, they just want to help. Once a week our Emmaus Day Program participants, also adults with developmental disabilities, bake cookies for a New Westminster church’s hospitality program where they serve the cookies and visit with people who are waiting for the food bank to open.  These are every day miracles. 

Christmas is a good reminder to look for messages from unexpected sources. Who knew that a baby born in a barn to almost-homeless peasants could change the world? Who knows what the frail can offer the strong? 

Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

May you also recognize miracles and angels around you this Christmas season. 

Sig Stark, Director of Fund Development

About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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