How to help L’Arche Haiti

As many of you are aware, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti on Tuesday causing severe damage and devastation in the capital Port-au-Prince and elsewhere across the country. You can read more about it here.  

Map of Haiti.


We have two communities in Haiti: L’Arche Carrefour near Port-au-Prince and L’Arche Chantal in Les Cayes. Yesterday we received a letter from Jean Christophe of L’Arche International telling us both communities are safe. We thank God for this blessing.   

Still, we are aware that L’Arche Haiti will be impacted by this detestation for many months to come and will need as much support as possible from friends like you and I. Many of us would like to help but aren’t sure how. 

Here is part of the letter from Jean Christophe:  

Dear friends,  

I do not have much more news to report than what I shared yesterday, since all communication is out. The members of the Carrefour community near Port-au-Prince are doing well; they spent the night outdoors. For the time being they still have food and water, but that will not last long and everyone is wondering what they are supposed to do if the roads are impassable. The city of Cayes, a few kilometres from the community of Chantal, has been partially destroyed and although we have had no direct news, we get the impression that this rural region has probably been spared.  

Many of you are wondering how you can help with the reconstruction. We know that the community has suffered substantial material damage. A special assistance fund has been set up for the communities in Haiti, and you can contribute now through your associations or national foundations. Make sure to indicate that your donation is for “Solidarité Haiti”.  

If you would like to donate to L’Arche Haiti, you can send a check to us or L’Arche Canada.  Make check payable to L’Arche Canada, with a note restricting the donation to “Solidarité Haiti.”  

In the words of Jean Christophe:  

Let us pray for no more aftershocks, for all the people mourning the disappeared, for all those who find themselves literally in the streets today, and for God to express his compassion in this situation of extreme vulnerability in every way possible.  

Check out Jonathan Boulet-Groulx’s photo journal blog about his life in Haiti as a L’Arche Assistant.


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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