Art Speaks to Everybody

The Art of Being Together would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. In gratitude of their contribution to this successful event, sponsors chose a piece of artwork to keep from our Finalist Gallery and our Art Together Gallery.

Our Lead Sponsor Steelhead Business Products Ltd. chose “The City” by Art Together participants Mary Hillhouse and Judy Tsang.

L to R: Vera Jack (Steelhead), Mary Hillhouse (L'Arche), Judy Tsang, Jennifer Yeager (Steelhead). Adriana Durian Photo.

Artist Judy Tsang explains: “We started working on the blue sky and the water. After sometime, she asked me if we can have red colored houses. As we started painting the red color on the canvas a clear picture came to my mind. On our last week working together I did a small sketch of “The City” and showed it to Mary. She was so delighted and she asked me if I could help her draw it onto the canvas that we were working on.”

Our Media Sponsor the Burnaby NewsLeader chose “We’re all in the Same Boat” by Art Together participants Patrick Byron, Wilma Legaspi, Judea Legaspi, Jane Suh and Enid Suh.

L to R: Tracy Keenan (Burnaby NewsLeader), Patrick Byron, Jane Suh, Enid Suh and Judea Legaspi (L'Arche). Adriana Durian Photo.

The group says: “We had a lot of fun working on our finger-painted mosaic painting.  No paintbrushes were used!  We felt that by using our thumb prints, which are unique to each of us, we could show how our identities have come to mix and combine with each other through being in community together.”

Harvey McKinnon Associates chose “Brothers” by Finalist Jessica Morgun. This piece also won the Judges’ Choice Award.

L to R: Jessica Morgun and Lynne Boardman (Harvey McKinnon Associates). Adriana Durian Photo.

Emerging Artist Jessica explains: “The image depicts my two sons in an embrace, but it is not just an embrace of love, it is also an embrace of control.  The youngest boy is teetering on the edge of laughter and tears while the oldest is walking the line of embrace and headlock.  This image is meant to reflect on the difficulty of living in community.  Living in relationship can entail some dangers, but in the end it is worth the risk.

Our Community Art Piece sponsor Community Living BC received one of two Community Art Pieces created on the day of the event. These collaborative art pieces were inspired by the theme of “togetherness.” Anyone attending our event was invited to help create the pieces. Thank you to local Artist Tara Croft Carmichael who guided the piece. The second Community Art Piece was donated to South Burnaby Neighbourhood House in recognition of their wonderful contributions to our community. (Pictured below.)

L to R: Rod Gunn (Community Living BC) and Trudi Shaw (President, L'Arche Greater Vancouver). Adriana Durian Photo.

L to R: Antonia Beck (South Burnaby Neighbourhood House) and K. Deirdre Lane (President, L'Arche Foundation of Greater Vancouver). Adriana Durian Photo.

VanCity, South Burnaby Community Branch chose “Unity of Community” by Art Together participants Betty Allen, Yurim Jeon, and Ilonka Klein.

L to R: Yurim Jeon, Ilonka Klein, Betty Allen (L'Arche) and Edi Soehardhi (VanCity). Adriana Durian Photo.

Artist and long-time L’Arche volunteer Betty Allen says, “Ilonka’s love of umbrellas was the inspiration for our painting.  In our picture story we are a group of people with different shapes and sizes, standing on a rainbow which is a symbol of God’s faithfulness with the protection of umbrella’s – unified with the color red.  Red is the color of love and warms our hearts.”

The Burnaby Board of Trade chose “Hands” by Finalist Jason Husmillo. This piece tied for the People’s Choice Award with “Butterfly” by Jenny Jia (not pictured).

L to R: Jason Wong (Burnaby Board of Trade) and Jason Husmillo. Adriana Durian Photo.

Emerging Artist Jason explains: “This piece shows hands linked through their fingers.  It has hands holding on to each other, hands grasping other hands while others’ supporting other hands.  The matrix of arms and hands depicts reliance and support, community and family, acceptance and tolerance.  The idea of race is explored through the different skin tones used in the hand depiction.”

Our honourary sponsor Digitally Hip Corp. chose “Mealtime” by Finalist Frank Bennett.

L to R: David McCullum (Digitally Hip) and Frank Bennett. Adriana Durian Photo.

Emerging Artist Frank Bennett says, “I have encountered many things in my life and am now attempting to communicate them in my paintings. Someone once said, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so I am going to stop writing.”

For those of you who were not able to attend, the Finalist Gallery comprised of those emerging artists who were selected by a panel of respected art judges from all the submissions L’Arche received for the event. Thank you to our judges – Alan Wylie, Aaron Peck and Spike McKinley – who had to make some very difficult choices.

The Art Together Gallery comprised of artwork created by L’Arche artists with and without developmental disabilities. Every piece was a collaborative effort, created through two months of art workshops leading to the event. Many thanks to Alex Richmond and Jen Kazda of L’Arche Greater Vancouver for dreaming up this brilliant idea and making it a reality.

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About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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