We visit the Burnaby Board of Trade

L to R: Rachel Morrogh and Roley Chiu (Burnaby Board of Trade) receive their sponsorship gift from Sig Stark and Christiane McInnes (L'Arche Greater Vancouver)

Today Sig Stark and Christiane McInnes of L’Arche Greater Vancouver visited the Burnaby Board of Trade with a special presentation related to their sponsorship of our inaugural “Art of Being Together”  held March 6, 2010. This unique exhibition brought together the art community, corporate sponsors, respected art judges and the general public in celebration of “togetherness.”

All of our sponsors had the opportunity to select from the exhibition a piece of artwork to keep. The Burnaby Board of Trade chose “Butterfly” by Jenny Jia that now hangs in Burnaby Board of Trade President and CEO Darlene Gering’s office. At the event “Butterfly” tied for the People’s Choice Award.

"Butterfly" by Jenny Jia was selected by event sponsor the Burnaby Board of Trade. This piece also tied for the People's Choice Award.

Two weeks ago we held a special recognition event at L’Arche for our sponsors, but unfortunately the Burnaby Board of Trade were unable to attend. So we decided to pay them a visit to give them their sponsor gift.

The frame we presented  Roley Chiu and Rachel Morrogh features a photo of the artist, Jenny Jia with her work and her statement explaining its inspiration. It reads:

In my backyard, my children found one dying butterfly. It had vivid colours and its wings fully stretched out. The kids were attracted to it with great sympathy. They decided to rescue the beautiful little creature. The younger one was so frightened to touch the butterfly. The older one picked it up very gently and brought it over to the toddler… I was inspired by this scene. It reminded me of the values of family, love, caring, sharing and more. I painted this scene and named it “Butterfly.”

I hope my painting can evoke the viewers’ feelings of love and caring. Our community combines with many families that “need to be together.” Despite all the differences between people, we need each other to create a unique “big family.”

Both Roley and Rachel said the BBOT “is proud of this sponsorship opportunity and gratified by the beautiful piece of artwork now gracing our walls.”

L’Arche Greater Vancouver is taking sponsorship applications for their 2nd Annual The Art of Being Together. If you are interested, please contact Sig Stark at 604.435.9544 x.35 or sstark@larchevancouver.org

For the latest news from the Burnaby Board of Trade, check out their website. Or their blog.


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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