Rivendell Retreat on Bowen Island

On June 16, Gwenda, Philip, Lawrence, Rick, Jane, Ryoko, Lin and Lizzy set off for Bowen Island.  They spent three great days at the beautiful Rivendell Retreat Centre.  The retreat was based on two parables from the Bible, “The Good Shepherd” and “The Lost Sheep”.

Lizzy Spruyt, Community Life Coordinator shares her journey of the retreat:

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon at the Centre after a nice ferry ride over to Bowen Island.  After settling in, we shared a lovely dinner together.  In the evening, we entered into the spirit of the retreat by lighting our own candle and sharing our hopes and wishes during the retreat time.  It was a truly amazing experience.

Helping each other out. Lawrence and Lizzy making a friendship bracelet together.

Thursday morning began with “The Good Shepherd” parable.  It included some sharing and reflection questions.  And then everyone had a wonderful time making friendship bracelets for each other.  In the afternoon, we continued with the second parable, “The Lost Sheep.”  There was further sharing with a reflection question to think about: If lost something valuable and then found it again, what is that feeling like? The afternoon craft activity included drawing and decorating a sheep on a piece of fabric.  Others were busy setting up a purple colored fabric to be used for Friday’s Missioning and Closing Prayer.

Then the fun really got started with an evening fiesta!  We played lots of games such as “step on the ice” and a fun game of musical chairs. Gwenda was crowned musical chairs champion!

On Friday morning, as a part of our Mission, we set up small stones and friendship bracelets to spell out the words “The Good Shepherd” on the purple fabric. One by one, we all had the opportunity to come up to the front to pick up a stone and bracelet and deposit them in a bowl full of water.  It was a great way to signal the completion of the retreat. The retreat also ended with everyone receiving a L’Arche logo pin.

We all had a great time at the retreat.   It was a great setting and such lovely people to share it with.  And on behalf of the Core Members and the Assistants, I would like to thank the LFGV Board for their support.

Thank you Lizzy for sharing your stories!


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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