Introducing Some of our Newer Assistants

Recently some of our newer assistants participated in a scavenger hunt that helped them get to know more about the local L’Arche Community. During their “hunt” they stopped in the front office where Amanda took their picture and found out a little more about them.

If you see them around the community, make sure to say “Hi!”

Meet Ghadeer Bsharat.  She has come to Burnaby from Jordan.  She is volunteering with the Emmaus Centre for one year.  She has three brothers in Jordan and they live together in a city called Zarqa.

Yae Eun comes to L’Arche from Seoul, Korea.  She is living in Emily House.  She loves gardening and hanging out with the core people.

This is Daniel Crawford.  His hometown is Owen Sound in Ontario.  He is living at The Crossing.  At his home in Owen Sound, Daniel has a dog named “Kitty”.

Meet Kathy Walker from Brisbane, Australia.  She was a full-time assistant last summer at L’Arche and is back as a casual assistant. She only has 8 more subjects to go to complete her B.A. Welcome back Kathy!

Fen came to Vancouver from China.  She is working with L’Arche as a casual assistant at The Crossing.  So far, she has been enjoying her work at The Crossing.  She really likes spending time with the core people.

Joschka Schwarz is from Germany.  He is living at Creation House.  After finishing school, German young men can either join the army or do a social service.  Joshua chose social service because he wanted to get to know the L’Arche community and the way of living.

Kendra Walker is the most local of our assistants, coming from Edmonton, Alberta.  She is living in Unity House.  She came to L’Arche for life experience and to challenge herself at discovering new career paths.

Meet Nicole Krusche.  She is from Cologne, Germany and will be living in Bethel House.  She enjoys playing sports and traveling around the world.  She’s very excited to be here at L’Arche and get to know all the people in the community.

Ryoko Mishima has come to L’Arche from Japan.  She is living in Emily House with Yae Eun.  She would like to learn English and get to know new people.


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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One Response to Introducing Some of our Newer Assistants

  1. Hatsuho Peyton( Nagano) says:

    I didn’t know there was a L’Arche blog.
    Thank you for introducing me new assistants. They look great! I hope they will have wonderful experience living in the community.

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