Emmaus Re-opening – A Community Celebration

On Monday, the L’Arche community celebrated the opening of the newly renovated Emmaus Centre.  The renovations took place over the summer and the centre opened this month to the members of Emmaus who have been busy making it their own.  It was a great turn out, with many friends, donors and people that made this renovation possible.  The Emmaus group made the opening official with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a homemade cake.

A wonderful celebration with the L'Arche community.

Everyone in Emmaus taking part in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Emmaus Centre would like to thank Rev. Randolph Bruce for opening up The All Saints Anglican Church to the program and allowing it to run through the summer.  They would also like to thank Daniel deRegt and his construction crew for all their hard work and commitment.  A big thank you also goes to the donors, St. Mary’s Health Foundation who funded the project and Scotiabank who donated the new oven. And to Sig Stark and the fund development department for securing the funding and making this whole renovation possible.

Everyone in Emmaus says "Thank You!"


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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3 Responses to Emmaus Re-opening – A Community Celebration

  1. Hatsuho Peyton( Nagano) says:

    GREAT photos!!
    Miss you all !!

  2. Meltem says:

    WOW!! Great to see that finally Emmaus had re-opened!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t experience this wonderful event (I left too early:( ) but I wish everybody lots of fun with the new Emmaus. I’m sure everybody is excited as hell! Miss you all..
    Many blessings and lots of love,

  3. Marie Brunck says:

    It looks sooooo great!!! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I wish you a lot of fun in Emmaus Centre!
    I hope everybody is doing fine!
    Miss you a lot,
    God bless you

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