2013 Calendar

From the 2013 Calendar

 Theme: Community

January – “Buildings” by Sue Allen and Alex Richmond


Our painting is about neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods are filled with different people, living beside each other, sharing a community. They fit together and have fun together much like Sue and Alex did while making this painting.

February – “Around the Table” by Paul Kierans and Anabella Chun


Family is our first exposure to community. In a family, we grow with different people and we learn to live, to work and to love each other. Although there are many ways to portray community in a family, we chose to depict it around the table. We find that around a table people come together not only to eat but to share a conversation, a smile, an activity, an opinion, a joke, a tear or just to enjoy each others’ company in silence. This is just an aspect of community which is much better with food around of course!

March – “Bible Study” by Delinda Perry and Emily Ostapovitch


We wanted to make this painting about something that Delinda loves. She enjoys studying the Bible with her friends.  The circles represent stories from the book “I Walk With Jesus” that is  often used in the Bible study Delinda attends.

April – “Come and See” by Melina Boote and Fairy Lagrada


“Where do you live?” and we both replied, “come and see!” Our artwork is an invitation for everyone to get to know our lives here in L’Arche Greater Vancouver. Like our painting, you can’t really see the reality from the outside, you need to “come and see”

May – “Culture” by Philip Beeby and Ryoko Mishima


We wanted to express that there are many different cultures and these cultures should be respected and understood by all. In the end, we are all one on the Earth and our lives are in God’s hands.

June – “Four Churches” by Guy Holland and Zoe Fitch


We painted the four churches around our neighbourhood in Burnaby.  They are an important part of our community where people get together.  The ministers from these churches also come to L’Arche to lead our Community Prayer time on Wednesdays.

July – “Friendship” by Christina Bruce and Nydia Binos


Friendship is something we both love and cherish. Friendships can be built through having a cup of tea together, enjoying each other’s company and expressing ourselves. The teapot and the boat represent things we both love.  The four seasons around the border is a symbol of a perpetual cycle, illustrating how friendships are everlasting.

 August – “Tilt” by Richard Knoll and Lorne MacDonald


Richard and Lorne decided to work together on a painting themed around “home”. By tilting the house, it becomes a cursor floating above land, pointing out one of the most expensive components in the problems that prevent people from achieving their dreams of shelter and safety. This pointer hopefully also looks towards wise, creative solutions for these complex issues affecting all of society, particularly the poorest and most marginalized.

September – “Waiting for the Bus Going to Work” by Linda Staudacher and Betty Allen


Linda thought about what work meant to her – she enjoys it and also does well at packaging. She travels to her work place on the bus and is proud she does this by herself. She likes watching other people traveling by bus. Recently, when we had snow, Linda was able to get to work on the bus when HandyDart did not make it. Linda enjoys painting and would like to take classes. It was a joy to work/ paint with her. She listens and loves colour and the surprises that happen on the canvas.

October – “International Hockey” by Patrick Byron and Svetlana Schilniuc


There are so many things that can people together…such as painting and hockey!

November – “One” by Gwenda Dunlop and Zwaantje van den Berg


With this painting we wanted to show that just like in a community there are differences, so it is with religion and that they can live together side by side. It is these differences that make the world interesting and a better place if we allow all those differences to exist.

December – “Joy” by Mary Hillhouse and Rola Haddad


This picture is about joy and how joy comes in many forms. For Mary, many activities bring her joy such as praying, talking with her friends, sharing time with her family, taking care of flowers and trees,  spending a nice vacation beside the sea, traveling by boat or flying on a plane, meeting new people, music, singing and greeting everybody in the morning because she loves them. Her love and care for these things bring her joy.

Fourth Annual Art of Being Together

To get an advance viewing of our 2014 Calendar paintings mark your calendar to attend our Fourth Annual Art of Being Together will be held on March 9th, 2013 at the Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre in Burnaby.  Some of the works will be for sale along with juried work created by working artists.  This year’s theme for all artists is “Me and My Community”. To learn more about this event, click here.