New Assistant Interview – Csilla

Name: Csilla

House: Emily House

Where are you coming from?

I’m from Hungary. I was born and raised there.

How did you hear about L’Arche?

I first learned about L’Arche through my friend who works in a L’Arche community in Winnipeg. She told me that people in L’Arche were friendly and caring. Mealtimes are long here because like a family they talk a lot of their day, how they’re feeling and check in with each other. That’s what makes L’Arche a home rather than an institution. The assistants care deeply for the core people*.

Before coming here, I was studying in a University. I’m invested in learning, developing skills and knowledge like my English and I am open to new experiences to learn from them. That’s what also attracted me to work at L’Arche.

What was your first impression of L’Arche?

I like it! I’m getting along with my colleagues and the core people. When I first got here, the house members were on their way back from their summer holidays. They were away but I was greeted by a welcome banner on my door signed by all the members of the house and a gift. I’m starting to get to know my housemates better. I really like talking to Mary, Philip is a very funny guy and Rose Marie was shy at first but she is starting to open up to me.

This job is very different from other jobs; it’s not like a typical job where you come in at 9am and leave at 5pm and you’re done. It’s more personal than that. We share a home and life together. Everyone cares for each other not as co-workers but as friends.

I really like this community.


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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