The Art of Being Together Judge’s and People’s Choice 2014!

On April 3 2014, L’Arche Greater Vancouver held the Fifth Annual Art of Being Together at the Nikkei Centre in Burnaby. Congratulations to all of the artists whose paintings were shown at the event. Here are the two big event winners:

ImageCongratulations to Younghwa Cha-Hach who won the Judge’s Choice Award for her painting ‘With Big Brothers’. Younghwa was born in South Korea and spent her early life studying and practicing fine art as a student at the University of Calgary as well as the Alberta College of Art. Currently, Younghwa is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as various art societies in BC. Originally trained in watercolours, she has evolved her style of work to included acrylic, oil and poster-colour. Her inspiration is drawn from years of living and travelling in Asia, Europe and North America.

In her piece ‘With Big Brothers’ Younghwa captures a scene in Penang, Malaysia on the day of a Ramadan celebration, Hari Raya. During the beautiful sunny morning, she noticed a bunch of boys in their bright and colourful costumes walking towards her. It was a wide open street and not only were the primary colours of their costumes so vivid under the morning sun but there was warmth in them that was peaceful and beautiful. She knew then, that she had to capture that moment. Younghwa remembers the scene with fondness as they were all a bit shy when she asked to take a photograph of them, but filled with smiles. Younghwa will cherish and remember that moment forever in the painting.

The Judge’s Choice was determined a jury comprised of Dianna Ponting, Richard McDiarmid and Larry Tiller all members of the Canadian Federation of Artists. Their deliberations were held at L’Arche in March with the result kept a secret until the end of the Art of Being Together on April 3.

Samira Parsi - 'With Nature'

Also announced at the end of the evening was the People’s Choice award that went to Zahra Samira Parsi for her painting ‘With Nature’. Samira was born in Iran and is a medical doctor specializing in gynaecology. After ten years of practicing gynaecology in Iran, Samira immigrated to Canada. Throughout her childhood Samira was passionately interested in painting. About ten years ago, Samira experienced an event that encouraged her to become more serious about her art. One of her professors, a well-known surgeon told her, “Samira, if you decide to become a surgeon remember that a good surgeon should either play a musical instrument like the violin or get seriously involved in the art of painting.” Her professor was a well-practiced violinist himself; watching his hands during surgery was indeed like watching a great violinist play his instrument.

“With Nature” is done in pastels and is Samira’s first work in Canada. For her, the painting is really about protection, having a home, and giving.  With only a few leaves nature can give protection and comfort. If only we could all learn from Mother Nature and give: for indeed, even a small amount is quite significant.

All guests attending the Art of Being Together were asked to vote for their favourite painting from the Finalists’ Gallery at the event with the announcement made at the end of the evening. Samira’s painting was the clear winner.

To view all Finalist and Honourable Mention Winners please go to our Facebook Page.


About L'Arche Greater Vancouver

L'Arche Greater Vancouver is a charitable organization that provides residential care and day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. We are located in Burnaby, BC Canada.
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