2015 Calendar

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Theme  “With”

December 2014 (Bonus Page)

4) Christina Bruce & Fairy Legrada - Flower Shop

“Flower Shop”

Christina Bruce and Fairy Lagrada

If we are with people we are like a flower shop.  A flower shop is beautiful and pretty.



7) Emily Ostapovitch & Garth Prothero - Tables & Chairs, Meat & Potatoes

“Tables and Chairs, Meat and Potatoes”

Emily Ostapovitch and Garth Protero

The painting is quite nice.  It is a supper table with food on it. We are going to eat with Annette, Emily, and anyone else who is hungry. I love painting here.



6)Linda Staudacher & Betty Allen -Apples with hot cakes

“Apples with Hot Cakes”

Linda Staudacher and Betty Allen

Linda comes with me to church on Sunday mornings.  She likes to tell me about her bowling activities on Saturday.  She also tells me about the good breakfast she has on Sundays, especially when they have “Apple Creptes”.  She tells me how they are made.  So we decided together to paint our impression of apples and hot cakes.



17) Wayne Streifel, Ilonka Klein and Caroline Short - Rainbow Umbrellas

“Rainbow Umbrella”

Wayne Steifel, Ilonka Klein, Alex Richmond and Caroline Short

Two rainbow umbrellas on a stormy day, a rain forest.  Two people dancing in the rain.



4. April With the Vine of Jesus

“With the Vine of Jesus”

Ryoko Mishima and Philip Beeby

I am the vine, and you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit, for you can do nothing without me, whoever does remain in me is thrown out like a branch and dries up.    John 15:5-6



5. May With Joy


“With Joy”

Annette Kuhn and Gwenda Dunlop

We wanted to paint a picture with bright, joyful colors, because Gwenda and I receive a lot of joy from being together.  Gwenda loves to cut images from magazines.  So we incorporated some of her clippings.  Flowers express gratitude and the joy of life.  In our painting they look l8ike they are dancing.  The flowers on our painting are dancing “with joy”.



6.  JuneWith Creation

“With Creation”

Arthur Hutchinson, Jane Suh and Fei Fei Peng

This mixed media piece was inspired by our love for the diversity we celebrate in our home.  The words are Arthur’s reflection of what he loves about our home.



12) Sue Allen & Caroline Short - Zumba with Us

“Zumba with Us”

Sue Allen and Caroline Short

Zumba class; Theresa, Debbie and Sue teaching Zumba class



5) Theresa Meyers, Fairy Legrada & Namakaya Siabaswi - Walk With

“Walk With”

Theresa Meyers, Fairy Lagrada and Namakaya Siabaswi

Walking with everybody is good and fun. In this way we feel connected whether with shoes, flip-flops or bare feet.



9. September All in a Day's Work

“All in a Day’s Work”

Niall McNeil and Caroline Short

This painting shows that Neighbours Helping Neighbours works hard. We are a team of neighbours, Jackie is the leader.  I love this program!



10. October Big Rabbit

Theresa Meyers, Leonard Hiebert and Alex Richmond

This is a piainting of Leonard’s favorite stuffed animal. Big Rabbit goes everywhere with him.  Theresa worked with Leonard, they are longtime friends.



8) Emily Ostapovitch & Guy Holland - A church, A hall, and the White Spot

“A Church, A Hall, and the White Spot”

Emily Ostapovitch and Guy Holland

These are three places that Guy likes to go to with different people.  Go to Church every Sunday, go to the hall for AOTS and Social Tea and then go to the White Spot with a date.



1) Melina Boote & Dianne Henderson Koci - Fun with Family

“Fun with Family”

Melina Boote and Dianne Henderson Koci

We found a mug in the kitchen. It inspired us by its picture of dolphins playing with each other.  It is happy and is full of action and the dolphins look very close, like a family.


Bonus Page – January 2016

10) Patrick Byron, Laurie Duke and Jenn Smith -With the Promise

“With the Promise”

Patrick Byron, Laurie Duke and Jenn Smith

We started with the rainbow and Patrick wanted to put a boat inside, as we painted it became Patrick in the boat, looking at God’s rainbow promise.  Pat’s favorite part is the yellow – as we worked hard to blend these colors and make them feel like they are moving.