2010 AOBT Art Together paintings

TAOBT 2010 032

“Camping with Marvin” by Theresa Meyers and Fairy Lagrada

TAOBT 2010 030

“We’re All in the Same Boat Now” by Patrick Byron, Jane and Enid Suh, and Wilma and Judea Legaspi

TAOBT 2010 026

“The City” by Mary Hillhouse & Judy

TAOBT 2010 025

“Starbuck” by Sue Allen, Caroline Vanderloo and Sujit Mandal


“Untitled” by Paul Kierans and Haley Hunt-Brondwin


“Hives” by Rick Knoll & Lorne MacDonald


“A Picnic by the River” by Melina Boote and Jen Kazda


“Unity of Community” by Ilonka Klein, Yurim Jeon and Betty Allen


“The Rainbow” by Christina Bruce and Fairy Lagrada


“Neighbours” by Annette Kuhn and Gwenda Dunlop


“Don’t Worry it’s Caf-lib” by Guy Holland and Alex Richmond


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