2013 AOBT Art Together paintings

1. And Shoes

“And Shoes” by Gwenda Dunlop and Lorne MacDonald

2. At the Table

“At the Table” by Theresa Meyer and Zenaide Correia

3. Sign my Book

“Sign my Book” by Lawrence Atwater and Jenn Smith

4. From Darkness to Light

“From Darkness to Light” by Mary Hillhouse and Alex Richmond

5. Helping Neighbours

“Helping Nieghbours” by Garth Prothero and Fairy Lagrada

6. Coming Home for Christmas

“Coming Home for Christmas” by Pat Byron, Barbara Carter and Caroline Short

7. Picnic at Whytecliff Park

“Picnic at Whytecliff Park” by Melina Boote and Emily Ostapovitch

8. One Body with Many Parts

“One Body with Many Parts” by Philip Beeby and Ryoko Mishima

9. The Promise

“The Promise” by Linda Staudacher and Betty Allen

10. A House and Two Coffee Cups

“A House and Two Coffee Cups” by Guy Holland and Delinda Perry

11. How I met My Neighbours

“How I Met My Neighbours” by Sue Allen and Svetlana Schilniuc

12. All Things Bright And Beautiful

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” by Christina Bruce and Annelise Jacky


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