2014 AOBT Art Together Paintings

                                                                          8) Emily Ostapovitch & Guy Holland - A church, A hall, and the White Spot                                                                              “A Church, a Hall, and a White Spot” by: Emily Ostapovitch and Guy Holland


                                                                           9) Lawrence Atwater & Zamira Katschker - Mickey with butterfly                                                                            “Mickey with butterfly” by: Lawrence Atwater and Zamira Katschker


                                                                      10) Patrick Byron, Laurie Duke and Jenn Smith -With the Promise                                                          “With the Promise” by: Patrick Byron, Laurie Duke and Jenn Smith


                                                                                 7) Emily Ostapovitch & Garth Prothero - Tables & Chairs, Meat & Potatoes                                                                     “Tables & Chairs, Meat & Potatoes” by: Garth Prothero and Emily Ostapovitch


                                                                      11) Niall McNeil & Caroline Short -All in a days' Work                                                              “All in a day’s work” by: Niall McNeil and Caroline Short


                                                                                    12) Sue Allen & Caroline Short - Zumba with Us                                                                                               “Zumba with Us” by: Sue Allen and Caroline Short


                                                               13) Ryoko Mishma & Philip Beeby - With the Vine of Jesus                                                            “With the Vine of Jesus” by: Ryoko Mishima and Philip Beeby


14) Mary Hillhouse & Julie Alphonso - Monkeys “Monkeys” by: Mary Hillhouse and Julie Alphonso


                                                              15) Annette Kuhn & Gwenda Dunlop - With Joy                                                             “With Joy” by: Annette Kuhn and Gwenda Dunlop


16) Arthur Hutchinson & Jane Suh & Fei Fei Peng - Untitled #57 “With Creation” by: Arthur Hutchinson, Fei Fei Peng and Jane Suh


17) Wayne Streifel, Ilonka Klein and Caroline Short - Rainbow Umbrellas “Rainbow Umbrellas” by: Wyane Striefel, Illonka Klein and Caroline Short 


                                                                1) Melina Boote & Dianne Henderson Koci - Fun with Family                                                                 “Fun with Family” by: Melina Boote and Dianne Henderson Koci


2) Theresa Meyers  & Leonard Hiebert -Big Rabbit “Big Rabbit” by: Theresa Meyers, Leonard Hiebert and Alex Richmond


3) Barbara Carter & Nathan Korstanje - Sun Trees“Sun Trees” by: Barbara Carter and Nathan Korstanje


4) Christina Bruce & Fairy Legrada - Flower Shop “Flower Shop” by Christina Bruce and Fairy Legrada


                                                                 5) Theresa Meyers, Fairy Legrada & Namakaya Siabaswi - Walk With                                                                “Walk With” by: Theresa Meyers, Fairy Legrada and Namakaya Siabaswi


6)Linda Staudacher & Betty Allen -Apples with hot cakes“Apples with hotcakes” by: Linda Staudacher and Betty Allen

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