2014 AOBT Finalists

Iryna Kharina - Floral Wreaths “Floral Wreaths” by Iryna Khaina
Jazmin Sasky - Mother and Child“Mother and Child” by: Jazmin Sasky
Jing Jia (Jenny) - Caring “Caring” by: Jing Jia
 Sylvia Oates - Gopis in the Forest “Gopies in the Forest” by: Sylvia Oates
Younghwa Cha-Hach - With Big Brothers “With Big Brothers” by: Younghwa Cha-Hach
Zahram Samira Parsi -With Nature“With Nature” by: Samira Parsi
Elfi Baais - Sharing With Friends “Sharing With Friends” by: Elfi Baais
R.J. Schmitt - The Acrobats“The Acrobats” by: R.J. Schmitt
Frank Bennett - Adam and Eve“Adam and Eve” by: Frank Bennett

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