2014 AOBT Honourable Mentions

Jilly Watson - A deer encounter in the magical forest“A deer encounter in the magical forest” by: Jilly Watson


Katrina Stock - Into the Deep“Into the Deep” by: Katrina Stock


Marguerite Mahy - With togetherness we stand                                                                            “With Togetherness we stand” by: Marguerite Mahy


Patricia Perrin - With Life“With Life” by: Patricia Perrin


                                                                                      Rose Poon - A silent cartoon story                                                                                       “A Silent Cartoon Story” by: Rose Poon


                                                                            Susanne Cruickshank - Call to Prayer                                                                            “Call to Prayer” by: Susanne Cruickshank


Tas Antonopoulos - Riverwalk“River Walk” by: Tas Antonopoulos


                                                             Yoshitsugui (Yoshi) Kamel - Snack Time                                                           “Snack Time” by: Yoshitsugui Kamel


                                                                             Gary Lieman - Beast Bonding                                                                                     “Beast Bonding” by: Gary Lieman


                                                              Ginger Lovell - Conversation                                                                   “Conversation” by: Ginger Lovell

One Response to 2014 AOBT Honourable Mentions

  1. seeker says:

    These are so beautiful!

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