2016 Calendar

Our calendars feature original paintings that were created as part of the Art Together Project. People with and without developmental disabilities collaborated on paintings that reflected their view of an annual theme. The partners worked together to share their thoughts and ideas on to canvas. Each paintings tells a unique story about the artists and their views of what brings people together and what brings them joy.


2016 Calendar

Theme  “Fruit”

Cover Page

Pears 2gether

“Pears 2gether”

Melina Boote & Dianne Henderson

We thought that “two pears” would show how we work together as a pair, painting and enjoying the togetherness of our art.


January 2016

Breakfast Together

“Breakfast Together”

Rose Marie Hayward & Ivana Svadlenova

We started painting with our hands to draw the first face. Then we thought a horizon would be better and painted freely, then our painting finally had a real face!
We picked some avocados as a main fruit and later added some red tomatoes for brightness.
There is always time to have breakfast together.
Who would like to join us?


February 2016

Fruit Face

“Fruit Face”

Linda Staudacher, Eresi Bira & Caroline Short.

A big smile can brighten anyone’s day. Take a look around you and smile
at the person next to you!


March 2016

Fruit Loops

“Fruit Loops”

Lawrence Atwater & Alex Richmond

Lawrence likes to draw circles. Alex thought it looked fun so he joined in! Then they realized their painting looked more like fruit loops than anything else, so they went with it.


April 2016

Guys Fruit Bowl

“Guy’s Fruit Bowl”

Guy Holland & Monika Nagy

I took a look at my fruit bowl and thought it was a good thing to paint.


May 2016



Ryoko Mishma & Philip Beeby

Philip wanted to draw a reflection of a person’s smile, so we made a big smiley face with fruit.


June 2016

Go out for Smoothies

“Go out for Smoothies”

Patrick Byron & Emily Ostapovitch

Some people go out for drinks at Metrotown. Going out for smoothies is wonderful!


July 2016

Banana Sun

“Banana Sun”

Christina Bruce & Zenaide Correia

Our minion lady decided to put the fruit on her head to better carry it to the picnic site where she will serve the rest of the banana hungry minions.
The banana sun kindles her journey.


August 2016

Go Bananas and Mangoes

“Go Bananas and Mangoes”

Delinda Perry & Lauren Pais

We live in a house called unity
and given the opportunity,
we paint pictures of fruit and primates to boot and
that’s how we build community.
We thought it would be spunky
to paint a picture of a monkey
and we included some fruit and you cannot
dispute that the painting turned out very funky!


September 2016

Incognito Fruit in disguise

“Incognito – Fruit in Disguise”

Mary Hillhouse & Jennifer Rodriguez

Mary and I painted this in hopes of tickling the imagination of those who see it. This abstract idea came from the children in our hearts who still believe anything is possible….even a purple banana.
We hope our work puts a smile on your face.


October 2016

One Apple Tree

“One Apple Tree”

Niall McNeil & Jackie Zhuang

Niall has spent a lot of time at his uncle’s apple farm. He wanted to do a painting that would remind him of that farm. And Jackie likes apples too.


November 2016

The Apple Tree

“The Apple Tree”

Arthur Hutchinson & Scott Barber

Apples are good. We like apples. Stars are good as well.
Trees are good too. We both like trees.


December 2016

The Arrow Theorem

“The Arrow Theorem”

Conrad Der & Peter McKinley

If I cannot have the ideal number of apples and bananas do I declare myself as either an apple man or a banana man and just abandon one fruit to achieve my ideal?
No. I’ll trade off apples and bananas at the margin until I find the best outcome.
I will have to give up some of both.


January 2017

Fruit that will Last

“Fruit that will last – bananas”

Theresa Meyers & Fairy Lagrada

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. – John 15:16b

And yes, why bananas? Anytime. Anywhere. No shortage.


February 2017

Fruit Platter

“Fruit Platter”

Sue Allen, Fei-Fei Peng & Jane Suh

Kiwis, watermelons, lemons, blueberries, oranges and pineapples.





Gwenda Dunlop & Jenn Smith

You might be able to guess what our painting is about by looking at the colors. Still guessing? Our painting is about our shared love for blueberry and banana smoothies, and the joy that comes from spending Sunday afternoons painting together. And in case you’re curious, here is our recipe, it’s enough for two to share.
1 Banana
1 cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
1 cup plain yogurt
A generous spoonful of honey.



Fruits in Words

“Fruits in Words”

Paul Kierans & Petyo Brodnan

We wanted to depict fruit in words.