2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

The paintings featured in this calendar were created by artists with and without developmental disabilities who are part of the L’Arche Community. They were inspired by this year’s theme “ Here We Go” taken from our community theme:

This is what the Lord says:
“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.”
Jeremiah 6:16

Theme: Here we go!


Cover Page

2017-10 Disneyland Airport

Disneyland Airport

Pat Byron & Jenn Smith

“Pat and Jenn want to go to Disneyland for a holiday.
The airport, the bus and the hotel.”


January 2018

2017-15 The Good Path

The Good Path

Melina Boote & Dianne Koci

We painted the good path and the wrong path. We wanted to make it clear which path was the good path!


February 2018

2017-8 Love –Hugs

Love Hugs

Delinda Perry & Rachel Seo

We wanted to paint a hug.
Making friends, new friends, lots of friends!


March 2018


Philip Beeby & Madison Snider

The places we go are informed by who we are.
This is our picture of us!


April 2018

2017-9 Picnic Party

Picnic Party

Mary Hillhouse & Cristel Uwase

On a beautiful day, sunshine is everywhere!
Let’s go out on a picnic together and celebrate!


May 2018

2017-11 Operation Track Shoes

Operation Track Shoes

Linda Staudacher , Eresi Bira & Jennifer Rodriguez

Every year we like to go to Operation Track Shoes in Victoria. We have fun with friends, make new friends and have lots of fun!


June 2018

2017-7 Aloha


Arthur Hutchinson & Petyo Brodnan

I love to go to Hawaii! My Hawaiian Shirts and this painting, remind us of our holidays spent in the warm sun.


July 2018

2017-12 Ready to Go

Ready to Go

Guy Holland & Alex Richmond

We both appreciate all the hard work firefighters do for us. They are always ready to go help people. Our closest and favourite fire hall is Number 3 in Burnaby beside Metrotown.


August 2018

2017-13 Rainbow

Rainbow Wall

Christina Bruce & Jackie Zhuang

Rainbows are a covenant and a promise of hope!


September 2018


Lawrence Atwater & Hitomi Imamura

“Ittekimas” is a Japanese word that is used when some-one is leaving home to go somewhere. Every morning Lawrence is excited to get on the bus and head to work. I wish him “Itterashai” which is a Japanese word meaning “have a good day” or “have a safe trip”. Law-rence and I both love to use public transportation, whether it’s for work or adventure. We painted this to depict our love of going out.


October 2018

2017-6 Live in the Spirit, Live in Trust

Live in the Spirit, Live in Trust, Live in Faith

Theresa Meyers & Maria Biela

Here we go to live in the Spirit, to live in Trust, to live in Faith. Here we go to the ancient paths, and become one.


November 2018

2017-5 Here we go for Coffee

Here we go for Coffee

Paul Kierans & Megan Mete

Some of our favourite things to enjoy are a good cup of coffee and music with our friends and family at the Crossing House!


December 2018

2017-4 Over the Highest Mountains

Over the Highest Mountains

Rose Marie Hayward & Ivana Svadlenova

Don’t stop dreaming, we must keep the purity of a child’s heart, especially when we are adults! The unicorn can still fly over the highest mountains!


January 2019

2017-14 The Way Home

The Way Home

Sue Allen, Gisele Goarzin & Fairy Lagrada

We all have different homes, some we share too. Some close and some far.



2017-3 Umbrella, Bikini, Couch bed, Police Car

Umbrella, Bikini, Couch, Police Car

Ilonka Klein & Emily Ostapovitch

All the smashing, gorgeous things we love!